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Hi, there!

I am Josua Fernando Simanjuntak

I am a front-end software engineer. I mainly focused in web development with React JS, Next JS, and Tailwind CSS.

Recent Projects

Multi Step Form

A multi-step subscription form built with react, redux-toolkit, and sass


A website about travel agency created to accomplish RevoU Mini Course

AenJojo's Personal Website

Personal website of AenJojo, which contains portfolio, resume, and blog

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Recent Posts

Should You Style Everything in Your Website

When developing a website, we always encounter a design step. This step is aimed to create a good and comfortable UI for the users, so it gives a better user experience.


Posted on 3 April 2023

What is Deep Web and Dark Web

You might encounter information about bad things in deep/dark web, but is that so? To further know what are them, it is better to know one by one


Posted on 17 March 2023

My MDX Page

I created blog with MDX, so I can focus on creating the content while still manage the layout and style of the page without touching any technical stuff


Posted on 26 February 2023

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